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Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Alignment

Developed over several years alongside the UK MOD - the requirement for an advanced Tail Rotor Drive Shaft (TRDS) alignment method was evident to reduce labour & aircraft downtime.


Our laser alignment system - ATLAS - provides a highly accurate & efficient TRDS alignment solution.


Boasting savings of up to 90% on labour, higher accuracy data & a more effective alignment solution; ATLAS is the future of Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Alignment. 



Tail Structure Alignment

Building upon the proven transmission alignment benefits achieved by ATLAS – TSAS (Tail Structure Alignment System) was developed to provide an alignment solution for the aircraft tail structure.

Using our laser alignment system it is possible to achieve far more accurate and straightforward alignment of the crucial structural components – improving both component life cycle & vibration signature.  This also opens the door to new manufacturing processes and solutions.


Miniature Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Novel Actuation Solution

Developed as a lightweight actuation solution for aircraft seating environments.  Drawing lower power & a weight saving over existing products, the advantages are apparent from the outset.  Modular design, scalable size & specifications means it can be adapted to a wide array of roles & functions.

Completed through NATEP (National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme) project calls to develop new, innovative design solutions and products to evolve industry; thorough research & development has gone into driving the design of the actuator.

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