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Special Purpose Machinery

CNR has a proven track record in special purpose machine design and jig & tool work.  We have provided design resource on numerous projects over the past 30 years - delivering design, analysis & detailed drawings on high precision grinding machines, bespoke tooling, jig & machinery fixtures and much more. 


We continue to provide design expertise and services for industry projects.


Stemming from this experience CNR has developed a range of special purpose cutting and material processing machinery.  Developed in house, we have a range of machines which can be further customised to suit any individual requirements. 


These bespoke machine orders can be tailored to all specifications including: automatic feeding systems, bespoke vice & fixtures, multi-wheel cutting & more.


Hard Metal Cutting

Bespoke Vice & Gripping

Manual or Automatic Cut Cycles

Automatic Feeder Mechanisms

Minimal Machine Footprint


Composite Cutting

Composite Panel Cutting

High Accuracy Trimming

Bespoke Sizes & Footprints

Multi Wheel Cutting Capability


Log Splitting

Simple & Safe Design

Custom Splitting Heads

Bespoke Sizes & Footprints

Protoyping & Development

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