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Aerospace & Automotive Design

CNR has over 30 years worth of experience in numerous industry sectors - with a key specialisation in aerospace & automotive markets.  

We offer services ranging from novel concept generation, in-service product development, optimisation & analysis through to prototyping, testing and complete product delivery.  Boasting design capabilities to run the leading CAD, CFD, FEA and further systems, complete with a small workshop for assembly, testing, prototyping & modifications; CNR can provide thorough engineering services.

Some previous work includes:

Aerospace Cabin Environments

First Class Cabin Structures

Actuation Mechanisms

Retrofit Design Solutions

Automotive Interior Structures

Seating Structural Design

Protective & Child Seating

Movement Mechanisms 

Rotary Aircraft Transmissions

Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Design

Intermediate & Tail Gearbox

Drive Shaft Alignment 

Power Transmission & Mechanisms

Crank & Cam Shaft 

Gas Turbine Analysis Test Rigs

Future Technologies Test Rigs

Plane on Runway
Sports Car
Wind Turbines on Water
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