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Test Rig Design & Development

CNR has a wealth of experience in bespoke test rig design.  We have a proven track record in both aerospace and automotive test rig work – specialising in transmissions, gas turbine and associated auxiliaries.

We work closely with industry leading research & development teams looking at the future of energy production, propulsion & structural testing.

Each rig is uniquely designed to customer specifications & stringent testing parameters across these industries – requiring novel design solutions. 

We consistently drive to improve efficiency, quality and environmental impact across these key influences on the future of technology & transportation.

Previous work includes:

  • Aerospace High Speed Rigs for Engine, Bearing and Oil Flow Analysis

  • Automotive Transmissions & High Speed Rigs

  • Turbine Testing & Future Energy Solutions

  • Materials Strength & Galling Testing

Gas Turbine & Auxillary Testing

Engine Bearing Testing

Oil Flow Analysis

High Speed Testing

Material Strength & Galling Testing

Bespoke Samples

External Load Capabilites

Broad Specification Envelope

 Transmission Diagnostics

Gearbox Analysis

High Speed Spin Cycles

Safety Screening

Energy & Power Development

Sustainable Energy R&D

Novel Power Storage

Bespoke Design & Prototyping

Sustainable Energy
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